Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Samba, Repetitive Strain Injury, Graphics, Skype ln Linux, etc

Connect to your Samba server from Linux
By Jack Wallen
I have written a few articles on Samba here on Ghacks. And most people know
how to connect to Samba shares via Windows. Generally speaking (when all is set up.
gHacks technology news

Linux / Windows Application For Prevention Of RSI (Repetitive ...
By Vivek Gite
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2009 Linux Graphics Survey - openSUSE Forums
By microchip8
For the past two years we have hosted an annual Linux Graphics Survey in
which we ask well over 20000 users each time their video card preferences,
openSUSE Forums

Keynote comparison: Linux or Windows
By ble
Keynoters Shawn Powers and Steve Ballmer made the bold statements about how
software relates to the economy in September 2009. They differ on which
kind of software brings the most economic benefit: Linux.
What Will We Use on June 30, 2011?

Social Networking Watch: Skype Goes Open Source For Linux? Not Quite.
By Mark Brooks
MASHABLE – Nov 2 – In order to clarify rumors about Skype becoming open
source for Linux, representatives posted an entry on the Skype for Linux
blog. They stated that an open source version of the Linux client is in...
Social Networking Watch

Enabling Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) in Debian Linux kernel | Debian ...
By cj2003
Some of you must have heard about a new feature that got introduced since
2.6.29 Linux kernel known as Kernel Mode Setting (KMS).I will not go into
the details.
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