Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Linux Marketing, Mandriva 2010, Lenovo and Chrome OS.

Tech-no-media: Desktop Linux needs salesmen!
Erlik from said many Linux enthusiast are despairing of the low uptake of desktop Linux and its poor availability in high street shops. This is especially frustrating because most of the people using desktop Linux would consider it to be a superior ... Read on

The Official Mandriva Blog » Blog Archive » Mandriva Linux 2010 is ...
ennael said we believe a linux distribution should reflect open source diversity. Mandriva Linux is the only distribution including both KDE (4.3.2), GNOME (2.28.1) all integrated. Your hardware is a bit old: use light environment LXDE. ...

Starting services at boot in Linux
Jack Wallen explains about services at boot Linux: There are plenty of times when you may want to add a new service to start when your Linux machine boots. Or you may want to stop a service from starting upon. Read more on

Lenovo rubbishes Linux but confirms looking at Chrome OS
Jet Sun wrote: Lenovo has put the boot into Linux netbooks, saying that the introduction of Windows 7 makes the gap even wider than before. Howard Locker, director of . . . Read more on

Linux Dairy Council Steps to the Plate...
From Blog of helios: Many of us are stumbling around, trying to find the best way to get Desktop
Linux into the awareness of the average computer user. There are millions of us already and I am fairly certain that even the most generous stats pertaining to ...

Create a Linux Mint 7 USB Flash Drive from CD | USB from Pen Drive Linux: How to Create a Linux Mint 7 Flash Drive using Ubuntu's USB Startup Disk Creator while running from the Linux Mint 7 Live CD. Linux Mint 7 is a remix based on Ubuntu 9 that includes integrated media codecs and a face lift. ... Read more

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