Saturday, September 17, 2011

Different Stages In Life?

It's been a long time since my last post. I should admit, I've lost my focus and interest in certain things. I've changed a lot in these last couple of months. Finally, what I saw in other people's lives happened to me (It's the paradoxical truth that people change).

Some obvious things:

  • I am now using a Mac. Not that I do not like Linux. I think, I am more pragmatical in approaching anything. Inside this Mac -- though -- I still have a copy of latest Ubuntu release running inside VirtualBox (and have it auto-updated regularly). But, yes -- I do not have as strong interest as the fun old days anymore.
  • Many of my blogs have not been updated for months, but to my surprise Google still loves them by giving these blogs constant organic traffic. Thanks, Uncle Goog!
  • I have unsubscribed from tons of internet marketing list, deleted many techno-oriented rss including Linux mailing list, and focusing more on something that yields result (in an "almost" instant way). When I talk about result, I mean BIG result. Yes, what I've learned from the internet marketing world in the last 2 years is the main core of this. The funny thing is what I am doing now for the most part is not in IM niche.
  • I have more time sleeping.
  • Less time checking emails.
  • I took a piano lesson to fill my spare time.
  • I have learned how to use GarageBand, but I also have Ardour for Mac.
  • Google Chrome is now my default browser, no more fancy Firefox with all the distracting plugins.
Is this another stage of my life?

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